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  • Software development is why we Exist as a Coporate Entity, Sign up with Elvontechnologies to benefit from our cutting edge Technologies to boost your business to enhance tremendous results. Enterprise software application and a website at an affordable cost is what a business need to enhance tremendous productivity of the entity. In our quest to foster growth of start-up businesses, we provides free maintenace services, google adsense and ssocial media branding and advertising of a fully developed website. This is puropsely to help business start-ups to attain the needed limelight within a reasonable period of time.

    Android and IOs applications are very essential for business processes.At Elvontechnologies, we develop mobile aplications with Secured and reliable databases, convenience in managing a business, attracting and notifying customers. Mobile applications gives users the priviledge to have functional access to products, information, processes, and services that they would demand in real-time.

    Elvontechnologies network Installation and Maintainance team is always available to install network infrastructure for your office, home, comapany, or campus. Elvontechnologies helps you with the process of designing, installing and configuring your computer networks based on your needs, so you can take advantage of a centralized management of your company's resources: Increase security: allows you to establish common rules for the entire network, establish firewalls to prevent external attacks, configure passwords for each computer equipment, schedule automatic backups, or limit navigation for greater system security. Improves productivity: saves time because workers do not have to wait or move from their positions to use the company's computer resources. It encourages teamwork: allows users to share information and data over the network with other computers, without having to enter another person's computer, or send the information by email or with USB sticks.

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